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All good things must come to and end...

... But I bet that most of us can't wait for 2020 to be over!

I know I owe you a quadriceps-stretch post, but these last few days have been nightmarishly busy. It's like all my clients, and some new ones, have decided to come together and flood me with work that all needs to be completed by today, so I have been very un-yogi and have been stressed and flustered for the past couple of weeks. The quad-stretch will come, just not as soon as I hoped :-)

As this year comes to a close, I'd like to reflect on the good and the bad (were there any good things? I hear you ask yourselves...) Well, look closely, and I'm sure that most - if not all - of you will find at least one nice thing.

It's been a hard year for everyone, what with lockdowns, fear of catching COVID, suffering restrictions in freedom of movement, not being able to see our loved ones and in some cases dealing with bereavement, but there are some lessons to be learnt from this annus horribilis I think.

I for one am going to try to focus on the positive events of 2020: 1) I started this blog, 2) I went on a diet and lost 12 kg (only 2 have returned over the festive period), 3) I got to spend more time with my husband (sometimes too much!), 4) I practised the art of patience with my mum (having her around 24/7 has sometimes been difficult, despite how much I love her!) 5) I started going on daily 7-km walks in the beautiful Casa de Campo near my house as soon as we were let out again 6) I received what I think is my first-ever birthday card from my half-brother, but I lost touch with my dearest childhood friend too, had to undergo two operations, one in January and one in November, had to deal with a huge drop in work (except for December, which has been nuts) and lots of other things there is no point in dwelling on. 2020 has been a time of change, both good and bad, and a time for moving on and seeing how resilient we can be. Yoga has certainly helped me along this path, as has meditation, but they are not the cure to everything. I've had really "black" days that no amount of backbends and meditation could relieve, just like anyone else.

Anyway, I'm rambling again.... I sincerely hope that you have managed to cope with the difficulties of this year and I wish you all the very best from the bottom of my heart (or the heart of my bottom, as my lovely Daddy would say, ha ha) for a happy, healthy and COVID-free 2021.

If you've enjoyed my posts, then please share them, and if anyone out there is the tiniest bit techie and can give me a hand with the SEO aspect and linking this site to Google, please drop me a line as I haven't managed that in all these months!


Pictured: my lovely cat Lily, "hiding" under the Christmas tree and behind the crib from my other cat Rufus. Miraculously, both the crib and the tree are still standing :-)


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