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Hi folks, I'm sooooo sorry I've been quiet for so long.

I started out blogging quite regularly but as work has picked up again I've been finding it impossible to find the time. I know that sounds like an excuse, so let me explain the process of creating a blog post (or at least, the way I do it. As a newbie blogger I may be doing it the long way round!). At least after reading this you may be slightly more sympathetic if I take a long time to post something new :-)

I have lots of ideas, so finding a topic is not a problem (although I'd be happy to hear any special requests). The first problem is finding a quiet time, when I know I won't be interrupted by phone calls, my husband or my mother, and when I say phone calls, I don't mean people calling me because I can put the phone on silent, but people calling my mum or my husband, who are both quite loud when they're on the phone! The second problem is setting the scene, moving the furniture, pinning the backdrop, getting any props ready, etc. Then I have to try to video myself without making any mistakes. I usually manage this first time round, but there have been occasions when I've had to re-record a few times. In my first videos, I recorded the pose or sequence while I spoke, but then I decided it would be better to record the video with no audio, and do a VoiceOver. My lovely friend Mark kindly edited the first couple of vids for me, but I did not want to pester him all the time so I decided to learn how to "drop" the voice recording into the video myself. Luckily I have a Mac and it comes with iMovie, which is a built-in video editing software that is SUPPOSEDLY easy to use. It has taken me countless attempts to master it, and I still haven't managed properly, but what this really means is that I may record a video fairly quickly, but then recording the VoiceOver and making it sync with the video sequence, and actually putting the two things together can take several very long attempts as I am a bit of technophobe!  

OK, explanation over. Tomorrow is a local holiday in Madrid (the feast of the patron saint) and I am hoping to record the next video. So, once again, apologies, but I'll be back, as The Terminator said :-)

Picture: Bangkok, 2013.


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