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Chandra Namaskar 2

Thank you for your patience! I was hoping to post this a while back, but I had to wait for my horrid cough to clear before I could do the VoiceOver and that took some time! Funnily enough, this is actually the first Chandra Namaskar I learnt, but I chose to start with a lesser known one, so in my blog this one is number two.

I won't type out the instructions here. When you watch the video, you'll see that the first part is filmed in slo-mo and has a VoiceOver with all the instructions. This is followed by the same sequence at a normal pace with no instructions, so that you can see the rhythm you should be aiming for.

As its name indicates (Chandra Namaskar means moon salutation), this sequence is usually practiced in the evening. However, I find that this particular version is quite strenuous when done at a fast pace, and can actually stimulate your central nervous system instead of calming it, so I recommend doing it earlier in the day if you are going to do it quickly. You can do it in the evenings if you do it at a slower pace, or only do one or two rounds. If you choose to go for a faster pace, this exercise can burn quite a few calories!

CONTRAINDICATIONS: as for the first Chandra Namaskar I posted a few weeks ago, there are no specific contraindications, but please be careful if you have knee or lower back problems and always listen to your body! 


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