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COVID-19 & yoga

It's funny that I started this blog/vlog in the middle of the first COVID-19 lockdown, and in fact entitled it "Yoga in the times of Covid-19", just over two years ago. My intention at the time was to post something every week, but as restrictions were lifted and we gradually regained part of our freedom, my normal work (translation) started coming in again and I found I had less and less time to dedicate to this hobby.

I certainly haven't given up on Yogawithfrankie, but I have to admit that my posts are few and far between, and I can only apologise for that. I've noticed a huge drop in the number of return visitors, and it's only understandable.

As some of you know, I care for my mother who is almost 94 and is partially disabled. Because she lives with us, both my husband and I have been extremely careful for the past two years because we really did not want to catch COVID and pass it on to her, as she is so vulnerable. I've always worn an FFP2 mask, changed it regularly, avoided meeting in large groups, and have only met up indoors on a few occasions and always in well-ventilated placed. Well, despite all this, I caught it last week. I came down with symptoms on Saturday, day before Easter, and have been isolating in my office (where I've put a bed) ever since. The plus side is that I don't have to cook or clean and my meals are made for me and left at my doorstep, the downside is that I'm getting cabin fever.

So, how to cope? Well, the first few days I was so poorly that I couldn't do much apart from lie in bed and cough, but now that I am slightly better (still coughing terribly but at least I don't have a fever anymore) I've caught up on reading, watched a lot of films and series, and restarted my meditation practice that had been put on the back burner for quite a while due to the frenetic lifestyle I was living. Yesterday I even attempted a little gentle yoga. There's not much space in the office what with my big desk and the bed, but there's a long thin space in between the bed and the wardrobe that is enough. So here's the little routine I did yesterday (very gentle, as I'm very tired) that I found quite refreshing:

-15 minutes of meditation

-Side stretches from a standing position

-Forward fold (uttanasana)

-Cat-cow (several rounds)

-Child's pose with extended arms

-Leg lifts (10 each leg, 10 both legs together)

-Matsyasana (fish pose) - this one is great for expanding lung capacity

-Appanasana (knees to chest)

-Circles with my knees (to massage lower back)

-Spinal twist

- Appanasana again

No photos or videos today I'm afraid, as I'm not really presentable :-)

I hope to be back soon. In the meantime,


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