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Eye exercises (2)

Hi folks!

Here's another video with some eye exercises. People don't tend to take them very seriously, but if done regularly they can help keep your eyes healthy. Some even claim that they can improve your eyesight if, for example, you are short sighted, but I cannot claim the same as I only make that sort of affirmation if I have experienced it myself. When I was short sighted I did these occasionally, but not regularly enough to say whether the above claim is true or not, and since I had my eyes lasered I cannot comment on short-sightedness anymore! I can, however, say that they strengthen your eye muscles. If you do them slowly, and properly, you will feel your eye muscles tire, just like when your other muscles get fatigued after a workout.

The surgeon said I had to wait a month before doing any yoga, so hopefully next week I'll be able to post something a little more "physical".

Stay safe, stay happy.



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