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Props for sarvangasana (shoulder stand)

I promised this months ago, and I'm not one to break a promise, so here it is, with considerable delay!
Using blankets when doing this pose helps to relieve the pressure that is placed on the neck, so although it is a useful prop, if you have any diagnosed neck or back conditions, such as a slipped disc or a hernia, please seek your doctor's advice before attempting this.
All the instructions are in the video. Just bear in mind the contraindications of this pose: any kind of neck or back problem, high blood pressure, heart conditions, any eye problems (such as glaucoma) and any kind of recent surgery.
There are also loads of benefits: it improves circulation, rejuvenates the body (particularly the spine), allows you to invert the energy you receive (normally energy enters your body from the top of the head, but as you are upside down, you'll be receiving it from your feet), to name just a few.
N.B: Once you are in the pose, never move your head. Your head has to stay very still until you come back out again.
I hope you enjoy the video and please give me a shout if anything is unclear or you have any requests.


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