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Simhasana (Lion's pose)

Today's contribution comes in the form of a video, showing you Simhasana.

I first came across this pose when reading through an old yoga book my mum left lying around the house, years and years ago when I was in my teens. This was The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga, by Swami Vishnudevananda, published in 1959, with black and white photographs. I found it hilarious!

However, funny as it seems, this asana has numerous benefits. The pose resembles a lion in action and helps to improve blood flow to the throat and tongue, release tension from the upper jaw, exercise the vocal cords and relax the whole body once it has been completed. I explain it step-by-step in the video, so won't reproduce the instructions here. However, please note that although I am doing it cross-legged in the video as I had a little pain in my knee when I recorded it, ideally, if kneeling is not a problem for you, you should kneel and sit back on your heels for this pose.


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