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Technical Disaster!

Hi folks.

I taught a yoga class in the park today, and my husband came along too, so I asked him to stay behind and video me for today's post. It was a lovely setting, with my mat rolled out on the grass and the almond trees in bloom in the background, but unfortunately my technologically challenged husband took two photographs: one at the start of the sequence, and one at the very end, instead of videoing me. He thought he was videoing me but no.... so all you have today is two pictures of me - just to prove that I did try! I realised his mistake when we were back home and the sun was already setting, so we couldn't go back to film it again, and the lighting indoors is dreadful. We're planning on going back tomorrow morning, weather and work permitting, so please accept my most humble apologies for this glitch! Have a lovely Sunday evening.



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